Care for the environment and use of environment-friendly materials are the company’s philosophy.


Care for the environment and use of environment-friendly materials are the company’s philosophy.

Conceria Dingo specialises in the production of vegetable-tanned leather using natural tannins and with the aid of biologically compatible products for the drum-dyeing and finishing.

The leather we tan is mainly derived from bovine hides. The raw hides we purchase are inspected by us at the time of collection and subsequently selected for the production of the various articles. Our core production is:

  • Shoulders
  • D/Butts
  • Bellies
  • and to a lesser extent Half Calves and Buffalo.

Our entire leather production is certified as CHROME FREE.
Our entire natral leather is METAL FREE.
Also we can produce NON-FLAMMABLE leather.
Our entire leather production is certified as BIO-BASED.

Vegetable tanning can be natural or drum-dyed.
The finishing can be aniline or pigmented, smooth or milled, polished or matt, printed, hand-finished etc.

All our leather is produced with full respect for the environment and using low-environmental impact processes.
The concept of eco-sustainability underlying our products is certified by the most internationally-known certification bodies such as LWG, CERTI W and UNIC.

Processing stages






Finished leather

As regards the purchase of raw materials, we always select excellent quality raw hides sourced from the best European abattoirs to make the high-end products demanded by the leading international brands.